Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paint Booth Coatings to Maintain Paint Spray Booths

Paint Booth Coatings/Paint Spray booth Maskings to Maintain Paint Spray Booths.

Types: Temporary Protective Masking, Water Soluble and Peelable/Strippable Barrier Coatings, All Colors including Transparent and Optical Brightening white. Black-Peel Coat is popular to Temporarily Black-out large Storefront Windows.

MILES Chemical Solutions introduces World Class Temporary Protective Coatings, Easily Applied, Eco-Friendly Liquid Compounds Dry to form Temporary Protective Masking that becomes a Peelable/Strippable Barrier Coating. Properly maintain your paint spraybooth and clean room with ease of application and removal techniques.

For further information, blog us your questions or visit us at: http://www.mileschemicalsolutions.com/Peelable_Coatings_home.htm

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  1. spray booths are nice inventions. Not only because it works well but because it manage to stay very friendly too